Marisa Martin - Ready Set Jet

Marisa Martin

I’ve learned that if you sit and wait for people to travel with you, you’ll never go anywhere. So seize the moment and travel solo. It forces you to leave...
Corina Angeles - Ready Set Jet

Corina Angeles

There’s so much beauty in this world and my heart yearns to see and experience it all and share it with the people I love. That being said, some of...
Laura Evans - Ready Set Jet

Laura Evans

Traveling, for me, isn't just about discovering new places. It's an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your place in the world.
Shalini Vadhera - Ready Set Jet

Shalini Vadhera

The world is so beautiful. The people I’ve met on my journeys are so amazing. I’m my happiest when I’m living in a state of inspiration...wandering and discovering new places...
Sequoia Armstrong - Ready Set Jet

Sequoia Armstrong

Whether it's in a city or on the beach, alone or with friends, I am most me when I get to eat what I love, be around nature and make...
Jennifer Ettinger - Ready Set Jet

Jennifer Ettinger

A woman who lives a healthy and happy lifestyle has a “goddess glow“ about her. Her beauty and light can’t be captured in a bottle! Shine on goddesses! What makes...
Priyanka Gupta - Ready Set Jet

Priyanka Gupta

A soft heart and an evergreen smile doesn't show weakness. Only the most scared seem the most ferocious. Smile on, for you know it takes a lot of strength to...
Bailey Rasic - Ready Set Jet

Bailey Rasic

Life’s too short to stay in one place. Get out and explore. You never know what you'll find or where you're supposed to be. Traveling opens your heart and is...
Eva Sofia - Ready Set Jet

Eva Sofia

I close my eyes and can hear the sounds of silence. It’s like stepping into the pages of a book, a book alive with colors and fragrances. I am never...
Janet Gunn - Ready Set Jet

Janet Gunn

At this stage of my life waking up and having the chance to begin again is the most beautiful thing ever! Feeling alive and awake in an ever-changing world is...
Michelle Gillette - Ready Set Jet

Michelle Gillette

Regrets from yesterday & fears of tomorrow are the twin thieves that rob you of today... Steep yourself in gratitude for something good right now & you protect your “present.”
Rasha Goel - Ready Set Jet

Rasha Goel

My glamorous world is what people see on the outside, but I feel it’s about being comfortable with my imperfections. When you can truly embrace yourself, that’s when you shine....