The Beauty Baton Trio

$85.00 $96.00

Your Entire Beauty Routine In 3 Easy To Use Beauty Batons!

 Simplify your beauty routine with our multi-tasking Beauty Batons - your ultimate all-in-one solution. With just three easy-to-use double ended sticks, you'll have everything you need to achieve flawless, glowing skin. Each baton doubles as a moisturizer, face scrub, lip scrub, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, contour, cuticle cream, body cream, body highlighter, brow gel, and more!

Our formulas are designed to be effortless and blend easily, giving you a seamless and natural look. With our interchangeable Beauty Batons, you'll save time, money, and space, as you'll only need three sticks to replace at least 12 products in your beauty bag.

Get more out of less and experience the convenience of having everything you need in one place! Say goodbye to cluttered beauty bags and hello to a streamlined routine with our Beauty Batons - Skincare, Makeup and Glow!

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