Shalini Vadhera - Ready Set Jet

Shalini Vadhera

The world is so beautiful. The people I’ve met on my journeys are so amazing. I’m my happiest when I’m living in a state of inspiration...wandering and discovering new places...
Priyanka Gupta - Ready Set Jet

Priyanka Gupta

A soft heart and an evergreen smile doesn't show weakness. Only the most scared seem the most ferocious. Smile on, for you know it takes a lot of strength to...
Rasha Goel - Ready Set Jet

Rasha Goel

My glamorous world is what people see on the outside, but I feel it’s about being comfortable with my imperfections. When you can truly embrace yourself, that’s when you shine....
Akarshika Sharma - Ready Set Jet

Akarshika Sharma

Your skin is the only thing that you see everyday. There is nothing you can do to get away from it, but to live with it. The inches you want...
Olives Cre - Ready Set Jet

Olives Cre

Today, raise the bar a little higher because getting comfortable should never be apart of your growth.
Prabh - Ready Set Jet


It's not about being successful, but about looking the part. Play your best game.
Bhumika Pardesi - Ready Set Jet

Bhumika Pardesi

Embrace who you are and conquer the stereotypes. Travel alone. Pick your road and hike!
Vani Gupta - Ready Set Jet

Vani Gupta

The only thing certain is change so don't be afraid, get up and play along!
Sheetal Padalia - Ready Set Jet

Sheetal Padalia

It is always about knowing the identity of 'self' and investing in it, it is that asset which will represent you forever! Fortunately, I am investing in it to be...
Hashmeeta Sehgal - Ready Set Jet

Hashmeeta Sehgal

It's not the clothes you wear that define you, but the personality and the heart that you carry with it.
Falguni Lakhani Adams - Ready Set Jet

Falguni Lakhani Adams

I’m most inspired and alive when I lead with love. Nature, yoga and meditation all allow me to feel connected to myself and thus able to connect to the world...
Tanvi Srivastava - Ready Set Jet

Tanvi Srivastava

Life is too short to be at war with yourself. Love the way you are!