Bhumika Pardesi - Ready Set Jet

Bhumika Pardesi

Embrace who you are and conquer the stereotypes. Travel alone. Pick your road and hike!
Zahra Kanji - Ready Set Jet

Zahra Kanji

"I never knew of a morning in Africa, when I woke up and was not happy"-Ernest Hemingway
Vani Gupta - Ready Set Jet

Vani Gupta

The only thing certain is change so don't be afraid, get up and play along!
Sheetal Padalia - Ready Set Jet

Sheetal Padalia

It is always about knowing the identity of 'self' and investing in it, it is that asset which will represent you forever! Fortunately, I am investing in it to be...
Hashmeeta Sehgal - Ready Set Jet

Hashmeeta Sehgal

It's not the clothes you wear that define you, but the personality and the heart that you carry with it.
Falguni Lakhani Adams - Ready Set Jet

Falguni Lakhani Adams

I’m most inspired and alive when I lead with love. Nature, yoga and meditation all allow me to feel connected to myself and thus able to connect to the world...
Stephen Voyce - Ready Set Jet

Stephen Voyce

We aren’t perfect creators, but I think that’s what makes us interesting, our imperfections. We make mistakes, we fall, but then we pick ourselves back up, we learn from our...
Tony Tenicela - Ready Set Jet

Tony Tenicela

Travel is all about embracing the diversity, colors, and richness of the cultural experience.
Tony Potts - Ready Set Jet

Tony Potts

I’ve always believed travel is the best educator. To live, love and learn thru travel is the trifecta of happiness.
Tanvi Srivastava - Ready Set Jet

Tanvi Srivastava

Life is too short to be at war with yourself. Love the way you are!
Ash Makanji - Ready Set Jet

Ash Makanji

Take time to travel with your loved ones. It brings you closer every minute spent together…
Msdongan - Ready Set Jet


People think that being beautiful is the only way to express beauty. But you can express beauty in a different way. I express beauty by fashion.