Sydney and Davis are a travel couple taking the world (and Instagram) by storm as @the_escape_artists. They give #travelcouple goals a whole new meaning. We loved following their feed so much, we had to ask them about their travel experiences as true wanderlusters. 



1. What are three places that you have been dying to visit but haven’t been able to yet? 

 Western Austrailia, Maldives, Morocco


2. What products are in your travel bag? 

  • Eagle creek packing cubes (packging lifesavers)
  • Maui Babe tanning lotion (favorite tanning oil)
  • Bare minerals make-up (all of my make-up)
  • on-the-go coconut oil sachets (for moisturizing hair and body)
  • Montezuma 100% Cacao chocolate (favorite travel snack)
  • Camera & Drone (bring it everywhere because you never know when you’ll find that perfect photo spot)
  • portable iphone charger (we go through at least 1-2 phone batteries a day grabbing footage)
  • goggles (we’ve recently found a passion in the world of free diving)
  • yogi ginger tea packets (we don’t drink coffee but we LOVE herbal teas)


3. What is one piece of advice that you would want your fellow females to know? 

Ocean water and salty air always make for a good hair day. 


4. Why do you love to travel? 

The feeling of exploring someplace new is freeing for me. Meeting new people in different parts of the world helps to calibrate my perspective on things that matter in my own life.  


5. What’s your favorite meal that you’ve had and in what country? 

Mango & Dragon Fruit smoothie with a raw vegan nori roll at a cafe in Ubud, Bali.

And if thats not enough, here's what these two had to share about traveling together. "Next to you is where I want to be. In a world where everything else seems to be going wrong right now, being with each other is one thing that always feels right. Whether we are together road tripping, cooking in the kitchen, or just watching Netflix... It just always feels right ♥️

Life looks very different nowadays, but we hope you can find some solace in connecting with those you love. And know we are always sending our love."

 You can follow more of Sydney and Davis's travel adventures on their Instagram page, @the_escape_artists or check out their website and presets at


We can't get enough of their travels!