Changing The World Through Beauty

Our Mission

Using Beauty As A Vehicle For Change 

Who We Are

Ready Set Jet is a global lifestyle and beauty brand dedicated to empowering women worldwide. 

Created by women, for women, Ready Set Jet leads the beauty industry into the new world where women are powerful and confident in their own skin. We address the most crucial problems of modern women- both as individuals and as change-makers in our society. 

Whether it's on the plane, in the board room, or at home, we want women everywhere to live their most powerful lives by helping them recognize their potential and giving them the tools to thrive and the opportunities to level the playing field. 

Ready Set Jet was created by global beauty and social empowerment entrepreneur Shalini Vadhera after receiving the Mahatma Gandhi Award at the British House of Lords. Government officials came calling for her to impact disenfranchised girls and she knew the best way to do that was to provide skills, education, livelihood enablement, and job placement. 

Since the launch of Ready Set Jet, we are proud to say we are 90% Female Funded. 

Ready Set Jet is dedicated to inspire women worldwide and put an end to global poverty and gender bias. 

We aim to make a positive impact and transform women’s lives through a community-driven socially responsible brand.


We deliver the highest-quality luxury beauty products and education to keep pace with fast paced lifestyle's, all while impacting change in the lives of girls and women around the world.  With our #Passthebaton campaign, we encourage more women to "pass the baton" on to other women as we build a like minded community where women rise together as one powerful confident force.  

What We Believe In 


More than skin deep, beauty can also transform people’s

lives for the better. Perfect your looks and get ready for life-changing events that come your way with Ready Set Jet.


No goal is too big with a passionate and inspiring community engrossed in making a positive impact. As one, we can make our voices heard and we will never rest until our demands for positive social change is fully realized.