am morning skin routine



Start your day with our waterless cleanser from the Cleanse and Prime Baton
Our youth restoring tri-phase energizing cleanser goes from a balm to a liquid oil to micro foam, gently dissolving the nights slumber, dirt, and grime while giving your skin a boost of moisture for the day. Formulated with a proprietary marine based blend of Golden Seaweed and Marine Fennel Algae to transform the health and radiance of the skin.

Just swipe on. Massage in. Wipe off. No water needed.

2-in-1 Multi-Use

Face cleanser
Make-up remover


Exfoliate 2-3x a week with our Glow Face Scrub from the Hydrate and Glow Baton
A waterless scrub that give impurities the boot as it gently cleanses and exfoliates dry, dull, dead skin while brightening and hydrating your skin instantly. Formulated with a proprietary marine based blend of Golden Seaweed and Marine Fennel to help normalize your skin’s oils and moisture balance. Use on lips, cheeks, elbows, hands and feet.

Shalini’s Expert Tip: Gently massage in circular motions into skin to help stimulate circulation, even skin tone, increase your skin’s youthful radiance and help prevent acne.


Hydrate Hydrate! Use our Hydrate Balm from the Hydrate and Glow Baton
Give your skin an instant boost of moisture and extra hydration! Works as a perfect lip and/or eye balm under and over makeup. Double up and use on dry cuticles, split ends, elbows and heels for an added boost of healing moisture. Turn any of your matte lipsticks into a gloss by applying this first under your lip color.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: This balm was inspired from my producers in Amsterdam where they believe in minimalistic beauty and a single multi-use balm for all their anti-aging skincare needs.

6-in-1 Multi-Use
Hydrating moisture mask
Mix with Shine highlighter and apply on legs and shoulders for a sexy glow
Layer with any lip color to give a glossy sheen
Soften Cuticles
Use on brows for a grooming pomade
Apply on split ends for healthier hair


Prime your face for a flawless looking canvas + serum with our Burring Primer from the Cleanse and Prime Baton
A flawless looking canvas + the strength of a daily serum. Hydrate your skin with the power of marine botanicals while prepping your canvas. Glides on effortlessly, diminishing the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores instantly. A soft purple hue creates the perfect light/reflection giving your skin a soft focus.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: I tinted our primer serum with a soft purple hue - a secret I used as a celebrity makeup artist, to bounce light and create a soft focus optical illusion to the skin. Think of this as your ring light that follows you around town distracting the eye from any imperfections.

Just swipe on. Massage in.

3-in-1 Multi-Use

Daily Face Serum
Face Primer for smoother and longer lasting makeup
Anti-aging blurring and light reflection


Skincare Infused Makeup


Contour and lift your face with the Sculpt from the Sculpt and Shine Baton

Apply sculpt down the contour of your cheeks, under jawbone, under hair line and on sides of nose for an instant face lift. Use your fingers, brush or sponge to blend in. Our Sculpt is formulated with the same ingredients as our skincare batons to extend your skincare throughout the day.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: I created this formula to blend easily with a true neutral shade like we used on set. I love to use this as a natural smokey eye color all over the lid and to turn the Pink Paradise Add On into the perfect pink nude lip shade.

4-in-1 Multi-Use
Define Brows
Darken Lip Shades


Highlight and glow with the Shine from the Sculpt and Shine Baton

Glow subtly with our Shine Highlighter. Apply it on the bridge of your nose, high cheekbones, brow bone and cupid bow to bounce light and give a soft shimmer glow. Our highlighter is formulated with youth restoring golden seaweed and marine fennel to maintain proper skincare throughout the day.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: Mix with the Glow Hydrating Balm and swipe on shoulders, collarbone and legs for a sexy healthy glow.

3-in-1 Multi-Use
Lighten Lip Shades



Day To Night Multi-Taskers. Lip + Cheeks Stains.

Everything you need for an instant pop of color. Use as a blush, lip color, eye shadow, color corrector, or layer over your other products to create the perfect look. Buildable and blendable from a natural look to a bold statement. Our high pigment versatile anti-pollution skincare infused makeup for all skin tones. A little goes a long way.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: Tap on with your fingers for a more natural look. Build to a more bold dramatic look by applying directly on the skin or with a brush.

3-in-1 Multi-Use
Lip + Cheek Stains Colors
Sunset Lover
The classic neutral red that compliments all skin tones. Can be used to color correct dry spots under your concealer. Tap on for a more natural look. Apply with a brush for a bold statement

Pink Paradise
That pop of happy pink that puts a little happy in your step

Golden Hour
A sexy bronze that looks chic on eyes, cheeks and lips

Buildable. Blendable. Personalize it.

Specially formulated high pigmentation so a little goes a long way and works for many skin tones. Designed to build and layer your colors to create your own personalized look.

Color Blends

Sculpt on lips and eyes

Sunset Lover on lips,and Sculpt on eyes

Pink Paradise on eyes and Sunset Lover on lips

Hydrate for a natural dewey look

pm nighttime routine



Melt your makeup and stress away
Use our waterless cleanser from the Cleanse and Prime Baton to easily melt off the day’s make-up while taking away dirt and grime with it.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: I formulated this cleanser to remove even the most stubborn eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Just swipe on and gently massage around eye area. Remove with a soft cloth and follow with your eye cream or hydrating balm.

Just swipe on. Massage in. Wipe off. No water needed.

2-in-1 Multi-Use

Make-up remover
Face cleanser


Restore + Revitalize While You Sleep
Use our Primer Serum all over your face and/or Hydrating Balm in areas that need extra moisture or as a final moisture seal over your entire face. Massage in.

Shalini’s Expert Secret: These are really concentrated formulas to save you time, space and money so a little goes a long way. Use sparingly all over your face and neck. I like lightly swipe on, massage in (especially around my jaw bone to relieve stress) and head off to bed. I love using the hydrating balm at night on my split ends (just apply on your fingers and go over ends) and on my lips before bed.

Just swipe on. Massage in.

Beauty On The Go

Beauty should be as flexible, versatile, and as multidimensional as you are. Our vegan beauty baton is compact, multi-use, double-ended and the perfect purse companion. Customize your ideal baton by choosing from our collection of high pigment makeup and/or gentle skincare add-ons for your ultimate beauty tool. Each side replaces 2-4 products of your old products making room for fun! Our specially designed batons allow for easy twist off, change, and re-customize your new baton routine. We have simplified your cosmetic bag with these buildable multi-tasking products allowing you to save time, money, and space.

From work day
to gym time
to after work fun
All you need is one baton then build out with our add-ons or start your baton from scratch. We took the hard work out so you can focus on yourself and others.
Anti-Pollution. Anti-Aging. Anti-Inflammatory.

Experience The Power of Vitamin Sea

Golden Algae + Marine Fennel + Seaweed

Founder Shalini Vadhera an expert Global Beauty Entrepreneur, Celebrity Makeup Artist, and Best Selling Author Passport To Beauty carefully selected and curated this blend that not only contains anti-inflamatory and anti-aging properties but also effects your mood based on the best beauty secret from the women of the Meditarian who have the most flawless ageless skin.


Our proprietary and tested golden seaweed extract made with A6TM has an immediate moisturizing effect on the skin. This hero ingredient is the sea's defense for stressed out skin. An anti-inflammatory powerhouse, you’ll notice softer smoother skin while increasing collagen production and fights aging.

*Studies show 80% of participants having a significant reduction of wrinkle depth within 56 days. Study based on female volunteers aged 35 to 55 years old.


This anti-aging miracle from the sea energizes and rejuvenates your skin. It’s youth-restoring ingredient unclogs pores, boosts collagen, reduces fine lines, and speeds up cell turnover. Our proprietary formula helps protect skin from aging and damaging environmental factors like smoke, dust, pollution and sun.