Live in Your Skin Love Your World


 True beauty is found through recognizing the differences between us all and celebrating them together.

Our travel-friendly and multi-functional products are designed for the on-the-go generation and for anyone looking to simplify their beauty routine. The products bank on prime ingredients (think global ingredient warriors to fight pollution, brighten, and keep your skin glowing from within) and universally flattering shades for the global citizen.

We also understand our tribe is one that loves to live in their skin and love their world.  Wanderlusting travel enthusiasts know that the world transforms you at a soul level... and through those experiences, you're driven to give back and make an impact. 

Ready Set Jet is made for the person on the go, providing inclusive, double duty beauty and easy to use products no matter where your destination. We are on a mission to harness the power of beauty and travel to change the future of female. 

We’re ready to start the journey and see where it leads. So join us as we Ready…Set…JET!


Ready Set Jet is founded by celebrity makeup artist, best selling author of Passport To Beauty , global beauty authority and social entrepreneur, Shalini Vadhera.  After receiving the Mahatma Gandhi Award at the British House Of Lords, Shalini's active call for women empowerment caught the attention of officials in the Indian Government, who then asked her to help disenfranchised girls and women in India. 

Shalini knew it was time to use beauty for a higher purpose. Knowing the power of education and leadership skills, Shalini knew she had to use everything she had learned in her career to pay it forward and help break the cycle of poverty while also bringing the Ready Set Jet tribe the Tools To Thrive.

Mission: Empower A Girl

We're using beauty, travel and education  to change the world.