Ready Set Jet Blurring Primer Benefis

One of my favorite products to use daily is a blurring primer, especially when I travel. It acts as the perfect blend of a moisture serum while also giving me that extra flawless finish I'm searching for...especially as I see the signs of aging starting to show up on my skin.

When it came to creating Ready Set Jet and products that replace more than 1 product,  I custom formulated our primer as a daily face serum first, with the power of a primer so you get that amazing double duty beauty of skincare and smoothing whether you wear make up or not.

There are a number of primers on the market that do a different things, from mattfying your skin, to priming your makeup to stay on longer, which is why I wanted to share the benefits of opting for a blurring on. 

Our makeup and skincare primer is specifically formulated to blur and smooth out the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores on the skin while also giving you the benefits of a daily skin serum with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory golden algae and seaweed. 

So why lean into a primer as your daily superpower? Let me share some of my favorite benefits of using a blurring primer:

    1. A smoother skin texture: Yes, we all want that flawless looking skin.  This is one of the quickest ways to achieve it! A blurring primer can help to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin appear smoother and more even with or without makeup.
    2. Minimizes pores: Blurring primers can help blur and minimize the appearance of pores. If you have large pores, starting with a primer will help you achieve smoother more even skin.
    3. Long-lasting makeup: A good primer can help to create a smooth base for makeup application - think of painting your walls and how applying a primer first, allows the paint to look smoother and more vibrant.  The same thing happens with your makeup. I love using a primer under my makeup for a more even and long-lasting application of foundation, concealer and powder. 
    4. Less Is More: A primer cuts down the time it takes to apply make up as well as the amount. You end up using a lot less makeup when you use a primer cutting it down to more than half and allowing your expensive products to last much longer.
    5. Satin finish: Our blurring primer is formulated to give you a satin finish to the skin.  When I work on set as a pro makeup artist, satin finishes help reduce shine while creating a more polished look.  Too much mattifying can make you look dry and age the skin. 
    6. Brightening: Our blurring primer contains a purple hue....yes, a secret I loved to use on my celebrity clients when I worked on TV. The purple hue creates an optical illusion and reflects light giving the skin a brighter, more youthful appearance.
    7. Hydration: I believe glowing skin is the best skin.  Without making your skin oily, I formulated our primer to provide hydration skin which helps to create younger more vibrant looking skin.

If you haven't added a blurring primer to your daily routine, you should.  The skincare and skin texture benefits are amazing not to mention your products will last you so much longer, saving you more time and money!






Shalini Vadhera


I love the primer. It’s helped my skin so much from being red and irritated. I’m actually able to wear less makeup now than I used to. Thank you!

— Jessica Fornum