I hope you are having a great weekend so far. I wanted to come on here and share some of my current favorite pieces from an amazing brand, Femme Luxe. Although I am a die hard bohemian, lately I have been into a more contemporary style. I've found myself wearing longe wear as an actual outfit, and I'm not mad about it. The trick to getting away with this look in public is wearing full matching sets, like the Crop Jumper Loungewear Set. (I even got it in 2 colors because it was too good to pass up, nude set pictured above!) Thank GOD for athleisure being accepted as a trendy outfit!


 One thing I absolutely HATE is when couples feel the need to completely match their outfits to each other. YUCK. (if you’re reading this and you match your beau, I still love you). However, I think the exception to my hatred is joggers. My boyfriend Johnny looks amazing in them, so I was inspired to see if I could style some myself, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved the way they looked. We both wear them out on dates, and I don’t feel like we look “matchy matchy", we just look cute + coordinated.


I'm 5’6.5 (have to give myself that 1/2 inch!), and I’ve always felt like my height made it difficult to find a flattering pant length. Over the years, I’ve learned that joggers are one of the most flattering styles! I used to gravitate towards flare pants because they balance out my shape, so I was surprised when I liked joggers because of the tight ankle. I only like joggers that fit tight around my thighs, otherwise the pants look top-heavy. The Crop Jumper Loungewear Set fits perfectly on my legs (i have a more athletic build so my things are bigger than most girls) so if you are on the thinner side I would recommend sizing down. I got this set in a size S/M, which is a UK 8/10. For reference, I usually wear a US size 24 pant and the UK 8/10 fits great.



  1. The first option I am loving keeps it simple by adding a ball cap + chunky white sneakers. This is the ultimate airport look because you can look chic while still being comfy AF. Total win in my opinion. I also think that your jogger set doesn’t have to match with this look. You can pair a white top with black pants etc. To add a little touch of chic, throw your favorite Moto jacket on top and you’re ready to rock. Converse also look great with this look!
  2. The 2nd option I am loving is the monotone fit. Neutrals
    have a special place in my heart, and I love a good all beige
    set. I think it looks so cute, cozy, and casual and is the
    perfect outfit to bring with you to the beach for when it gets
    cold at night. You can dress this look up by wearing some
    gold hoop earrings with your hair in a slicked back pony with
    a middle part, or you can keep it boho with some messy
    beach hair + sunnies.
  3. The 3rd option spices things up a bit. Swap out your
    sneakers for some scrappy heels and you’ll take your casual
    jogger look to the next level. I love how a shoe change can
    totally elevate your look without making any other changes. just to wear if you are feeling E-X-T-R-A hunny.
  4. The 5th option is the perfect summer outfit. Grab your
    favorite pair of joggers and add a lacy cami + woven clutch
    + chunky heel and head out for brunch with your girlfriends! I
    think adding an oversized knit cardigan would be adorable
    with this look as well.
Shalini Vadhera