1. What is your favorite travel destination and why?

Italy! The history alone sweeps me off my feet and of course the food! I do speak a little Italian and roaming the cities and feeling the culture just feels fantastico!

2. What are your favorite products to use while traveling?

Using face masks- it is a must after a day of travel or meetings. AYR Skincare has a fabulous eye cream I apply daily! I always meditate early in the morning, and I swear it makes a huge difference for draining all stress out of the face and body. I always carry a cover up stick, works also as a foundation.

3. Where do you feel the most comfortable in your skin?

I feel the most alive and comfortable by warm water and the more humid the better. I would live in kaftans everyday if I could.

4. What is one of your favorite travel photos?

There is a photo my son took of me this summer when we visited Petra. I believe it's the most incredible place I've ever seen. It was very early in the morning and there was a donkey running by himself and I grabbed him and we walked through the cliffs and he got the shot.

5. Do you have any inspirational women you view as role models?

Texie Waterman - Founder of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Shalini Vadhera