If you have a chance to travel to the South of France, especially for the Cannes Film Festival, you'll most likely see our Fierce Female Ready Set Jetter, Epticem.

Epticem Makeup Artist

One of Cannes top celeb makeup artists knows a thing or two when it comes not only to beauty, but international travel. Here's her take on our Fierce Female 4:


1. What is your favorite travel destination?

My favorite destination is Algeria, it's my country of origin and my roots. The landscapes are beautiful and the people are very warm

2. What are your favorite products for traveling?

I really like aloe vera gel for my hair and also for my face. Having curly hair the aloe vera will come moisturize and nourish my hair and my skin.

3. Where do you feel most comfortable in your skin?

At home LOL

4. Do you have any women you view as role models?

Huda beauty; she started from scratch and today she has a world empire in the makeup.

You can get more tips and tricks by following @epticem on insta!

Shalini Vadhera