As women, we wear makeup to help us feel comfortable and sexy in our own skin. With so many different skin tones and skin types, it can be difficult to find the products that work best for your skin. One of our goals at RSJ is to create a more inclusive environment around the beauty industry. One of our most popular and versatile products is the hydrating balm. Rather than developing a basic lip balm, our hydrating balm has a multitude of different uses.

What’s worse than cracked hands during the winter time? Cracked lips. Of course, this hydrating balm can be used as a lip balm. The hydrating balm can be used throughout the day to add moisture, or it can be used as a lip mask while you sleep. Similarly, the hydrating balm can be used to hydrate areas of the face or body that are dry or chapped, and it can also be used as a hydrating face mask as you sleep.

Currently in the beauty industry, laminated eyebrows and permed eyelashes are all the trend. These services can be pricey and only provide a temporary fix. The hydrating balm is a more cost effective alternative and can be used to both temporarily lift your eyebrows and eyelashes during the day. In addition to lifting the eye area, it also gives you a natural look while simultaneously hydrating the skin.

With the country continuing to open up from COVID-19, haircut appointments are in high demand, and some haven’t received a haircut for more than a year. In need of a haircut, but having trouble making an appointment? Add the hydrating balm to the tips of your hair. This will moisturize your split ends while giving you a healthier look and feel.

Not only is the hydrating balm a versatile product, but it also has many different benefits. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and even include marine-based ingredients. The marine-base ingredients used in the hydrating balm are golden seaweed extract and sea fennel algae extract. Each of these ingredients assists with inflammation, rejuvenation, and anti-aging.