Golden Hour Bronzer 4 in 1 Bronzer Lip and Cheek Stain



Say hello to your new go-to beauty essential - Our 4 in 1 Lip and Cheek Add On's!  These multi-use add on's are the perfect addition to your beauty routine, whether you're using them alone or with your other beauty baton add on's.

The Golden Hour is the perfect bronze shade for an easy monochromatic eyes, cheeks lips look or to add some warmth to your look.

One stick, multiple benefits - our Lip and Cheek Glow All Day Singles can be used as a bronzer, blush, lip color, eye shadow, color corrector, or layered over other products for a custom look. The creamy, blendable, and buildable skincare infused formula gives you a healthy glow, making it easy to apply on the go. Build from a natural look with a tap of color on your finger to apply or go bold applying it directly to the skin or blending with a brush.

Inspired by the timeless beauty secrets of East Asia, our formula is enriched with golden seaweed and sea fennel algae, renowned for their nourishing properties leaving your skin feeling refreshed and radiant with each application.

Whether you're jet-setting across the globe or simply on-the-go in your daily life, these Lip and Cheek Add Ons are your compact companions, fitting effortlessly into your purse or travel bag. Need a quick touch-up? Simply grab your Contour Add On and refine your look with ease.

But the convenience doesn't stop there. Our innovative design allows for easy refills and customization of your full-size Beauty Baton. Mix and match shades, tailor your look to suit any occasion, and always have your beauty essentials at your fingertips