Slug Your Way To Glowing Skin

Slugging is the one of the hottest trends hitting skincare right now.  And no... it has nothing to do with a slimy little bug! Slugging is a new skincare trend that has been sweeping across Reddit and Tik Tok as a secret to glowing gorgeous skin. It consists of applying a thick layer of hydration at the end of your nighttime skincare routine, right before bed. By doing this, it creates a seal over the rest of your skincare products to amplify hydration while you sleep. A little secret to waking up with dewy, youthful skin. (And a secret I’ve used for years as a celebrity makeup artist before any big event to plump up fine lines and get your skin glowing from within)

Ready to slug? First, apply your  nighttime skincare as you normally do. For example, if you usually tone, apply serum, and moisturize, continue with these steps. After applying all your normal evening routine, apply our Hydrating Balm (as the add on or in the Hydrate and Glow Beauty Baton) all over your face to lock in hydration. Because this is a balm vs a lotion, it's thicker than your typical moisturizer which helps to lock in moisture and reduces water loss while you sleep. 

Wake up in the morning with unbelievably hydrated skin! Ready? Set? Glow! 

PS. Get the most out of your Slugging by using our Face Scrub after cleansing your skin and before your moisturizer.  When you slough off dead dry skin, you’ll notice your moisturizing products absorb and perform better!