4 In 1 Contour Add On



Transform your makeup routine with the Ready Set Jet Contour Add On, your secret weapon for flawless, sculpted beauty. Crafted with precision and innovation based on our founders career as a celebrity makeup artist, this contouring essential boasts a luxurious cream formula that's as easy to use as it is versatile.

Designed for effortless application, our buildable and blendable formula seamlessly glides onto your skin, allowing you to create a customized contour that suits your unique features. Whether you're a contouring pro or just starting out, achieving professional-level results has never been easier.

One of our standout features? Climate adaptability. No matter where life takes you, whether it's the humidity of a tropical paradise or the dry air of a bustling city, our Contour Add On stays put, ensuring your flawless look lasts from dawn till dusk.

Inspired by the timeless beauty secrets of East Asia, our formula is enriched with golden seaweed and sea fennel algae, renowned for their nourishing properties. Not only does it sculpt and define, but it also cares for your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and radiant with each application.

Whether you're jet-setting across the globe or simply on-the-go in your daily life, these Contour Add Ons are your compact companions, fitting effortlessly into your purse or travel bag. 

But the convenience doesn't stop there. Our innovative design allows for easy refills and customization of your full-size Beauty Baton. Mix and match shades, tailor your contour to suit any occasion, and always have your beauty essentials at your fingertips.