The 4-in-1 Sculpt and Shine Beauty Baton


Highlighter and Contour: 5 in 1 Multi-Use Highlight and Contour Stick


Our Sculpt and Shine Beauty Baton is where the art of sculpting and shining meets the wisdom of East Asian beauty secrets. Crafted with precision and inspired by time-honored traditions, this dual-ended beauty essential is your ticket to effortless glamour and radiant beauty.

One end of the Beauty Baton features a luxurious creamy contour formula, formulated with the finest ingredients inspired by the beauty rituals of East Asia. Sculpt and define your features with ease, whether you're contouring your cheekbones or refining your nose. Our blendable formula effortlessly melts into your skin, leaving you with a flawlessly sculpted complexion that exudes confidence and grace.

But the beauty doesn't stop there – flip the Beauty Baton over to discover a radiant highlighter formula waiting to illuminate your complexion. Inspired by the luminous beauty of East Asian women, our highlighter delivers a soft, ethereal glow that enhances your natural radiance, leaving you with a dewy, luminous complexion that turns heads wherever you go.

Designed for versatility and convenience, each end of the Sculpt and Shine Beauty Baton twists off, allowing you to mix and match with our collection of add-ons. Customize your look to suit any occasion, whether you're opting for a subtle daytime glow or a dramatic evening contour.