Ready Set Jet Beauty
with the Power Beauty
Living Foundation


empower a girl

change the  world
Along with Power Beauty Living Foundation, part of the proceeds from Ready Set Jet products will be used to launch the Ready Set Academy, a virtual and in-person space giving this marginalized demographic the tools to gain financial and professional freedom by becoming economic players in the beauty industry. Students will learn job training and leadership skills, technology for educational and business advancement, and beauty certification to break their cycle of poverty. Upon completion of the academy, they will be able to start working as professional make-up artists in the wedding, spa and salon industries, or as entrepreneurs ready to start their own ventures. 

Free Education for girls and women from the underprivileged and minorities.

Train 100,000+ professional makeup artists in more than 80 countries (we will begin in India first)

Partner with the Ready Set Jet Beauty Brand and Academy for beauty certification and livelihood enablement.

Fund small loans to over 100,000+ women  entrepreneurs tostart or grow their business in beauty

Provide access to job training skills for women to be career-ready

Help turn women from job seekers to job creators


the Cause

As a female founder in an industry where more women aspire to own their own business, I know first hand the power of education and skills development to transform women from job seekers to successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Through partnering with the Power Beauty Living Foundation and strategic partners, our goal with Ready Set Jet is to change the face of beauty. 

About Power Beauty Living: Power Beauty Living was launched in September 2015, as a social platform for women that shares the knowledge of top female thought leaders and experts from around the world by providing women a community of love, support, and empowerment. Shalini Vadhera launched Power Beauty Living globally in 2016 at the United Nations and works besides representatives from the UN to bring the art of living Powerfully and Beautifully, to emerging female global leaders and entrepreneurs.

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