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We want your products to be as unique and badass as you are! That’s why every product we create is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle, with multiple functions and prime ingredients that make you get the most out of each formula.  Our practical and fuss-free products allow everyone anywhere to easily transform themselves at home or on the go. With universally flattering shades and products for every skin type, we've got you covered with easy breezy beauty no matter where your destination. 

Beauty With A Purpose

Proceeds from Ready Set Jet will help empower the under-privileged female community in India. We believe that beauty is transformative. That's why we're using it as a vehicle for global change to empower girls and women worldwide and help change their lives for the better.  Through the Ready Set Jet Academy, we train disenfranchised girls in the slums and villages to acquire the skills necessary to advance their lives and careers and break the cycle of poverty. Our goal is to train over 100,000 women worldwide. 

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