Meet Ready Set Jet Ambassador Marchetta Dorsey

When we created Ready Set Jet, we had one mission in mind... to create more opportunities for women to rise. 

Meet Marchetta Dorsey. Brand Ambassador and Ready Set Jet Investor.

"They have a mission to help woman like me excel in something that they love"

Favorite Colors: Hot Pink and Purple

Favorite Sports: Basketball, Volleyball

Favorite Board Game: Monopoly, Life

Favorite Pet: Dog: Cockerpoo (Pepper)

Favorite Food: Italian Food, Pasta

Favorite Author: Sistah Soulja

Day Job: Nutritionist

Side Passion: I love to sell beauty products, wine, high end jewelry, unique gifts, and wigs.

Lives In: Huntersville, NC

The Ready Set Jet Three: 

Favorite Ready Set Jet Product: The Hydrating Face Balm is a must have! I keep one in my pocket, and one in my car.

Favorite Place To Ready Set Jet: Anywhere there is an ocean 

Favorite Piece Of Advice: My mom told me "Marchetta you will always be different and it's okay. Love yourself and remember God made you different, that's a blessing"

Marchetta's Message: 

I wanted to invest in a company that I believed in. Ready Set Jet isn't just a make up company. They have a mission to help woman like me excel in something that they love. Most companies are money driven. I believe that Ready Set Jet will always impact the lives of girls and women around the world. and that is something I am very passionate about. 

When I was introduced to the affiliate program I was inspired to meet a founder who was passionate about her goals. I was very intrigued and happy for her and I loved the mission of the brand. 

I wanted to be able to help young woman and empower them. I really love the Beauty Batons...but Ready Set Jet offers so much more. Why wouldn't I want to be apart of that?

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