We love Brie Burgetts lust for life and passion for travel! 

An adventure seeker, globe trotter, and US Marine. 

The last decade she has been traveling around the world exploring. As a bit of a thrill seeker, serving in the USMC has provided many opportunities across the globe to try new experiences in amazing (and some less so) destinations. There will never be a perfect opportunity to pursue any dreams.. it takes commitment to that goal or dream and putting yourself outside your comfort zone again and again.

​So far she has visited: 6 Continents and 108 Countries.


Here are her five tips for solo traveling the world:

1) Try a new activity. One of the best ways to meet people and have a memorable experience is to try something new! Usually there are cheap tours offered that coordinate everything allowing you to relax and enjoy. From this photo of hiking around a volcano and soaking in the hot springs in Costa Rica to dune-bugging the hills in Portugal, I love trying something new!

2) Stay in places that you will meet other travelers. Even if hotels are reasonably priced, I typically stay in hostels or AirBnBs near the city center so that I will meet others and stay social. Not only do you save money if you want to travel a lot, but you have a built in friend group and loads of great recommendations for the city!

3) Go on a walking tour. Cities around the world offer free walking tours from locals or history buffs providing insights to the history and culture of the country!

4) Go to a popular local restaurant. Sample whatever cuisine it is famous for or is unique to the city! From fresh made sushi in Japan to dining off street cars in Argentina, I love sampling the best a city offers.

5) Enjoy the nightlife on a pub crawl. While there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy an evening without drinking, one of my favorite activities when I'm traveling solo is to go on a pub crawl. You typically meet others traveling alone or in small groups, you see parts of the city you never would have found otherwise, and make some great memories!

Follow the gorgeous Brie on insta @thebrieadventure or on her website.

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